mehealth for ADHD FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my patients’ data stored?

Your data, and your patients’ data, are stored in a highly secure facility that has been specifically designed to deliver services to medical application providers. The data are regularly backed up so there is no danger of accidental data loss or deletion.

Is my patients’ data secure?

Your patients’ data is highly secure. The facility in which the data are stored is itself physically secure. It is designed with a large capacity for handling sensitive medical data, all of which is encrypted as it is securely recorded and backed up.

Can I try the software before I subscribe?

You can try the software for at least 30 days before you commit to a full-price subscription. If you have a promotional code provided in a email or letter to you, and activate your subscription before the deadline then you can extend your trial period.

How long is the subscription?

There is no fixed subscription; you can stop your use of the service at any time by simply cancelling at the end of your current payment period. So you can subscribe from month to month, or with a single payment each year.

Where was the software designed and developed?

The software was originally designed and developed by clinicians at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC), and is still being used by them there. mehealth has entered into a commercial relationship with CCHMC to commercialize and further develop the service beyond the Cincinnati area.

How many doctors are using mehealth™ for ADHD?

Hundreds of doctors across the US are using mehealth for ADHD.

How many patients have been helped by mehealth for ADHD?

Thousands of patients, and their parents and teachers, have used or been helped by mehealth for ADHD. There are currently more than 10,000 patients using the system.

What do parents and teachers think of the system?

Several doctors have told us that parents and teachers really like the system. This is usually because it delivers a level of interaction and response that simply wasn’t possible using paper assessments. They also like it because significantly reduces the time taken to assess, treat and subsequently manage children with ADHD.

Is the system installed locally, or is it hosted?

The system is hosted, so it’s available wherever you are.

Can I rely on the system always being available?

The hosting service we use specializes in providing online services for medical applications, and is provided with a guarantee of “five nines” (i.e. 99.999%) availability.


What operating systems does it support? Does it run on Windows, OS X or Linux?

Because the system is hosted, it runs in a browser, and is therefore available on any operating system provided it has access to the internet.

What’s the best browser to use to access the system?

Any modern browser will work. That includes the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Version 8 or later of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

How much stuff do I have to enter/how long does it take before I can start using the system for real?

The software was designed for minimal input. You will be up and running within minutes of activating your account.

Is there a limit on the number of practitioners or patients?

There is no limit on either the number of clinicians, or the number of patients. Each system allows for a practice administrator in addition to the clinicians. There is a subscription charge based on the number of clinicians. There is no charge for, and no limit to, the number of patients.

Does the system help me earn MOC or CME credits?

Yes. The system is designed to allow you to use your actual practice with real patients to earn up to 20 MOC Credits and 20 CME credits.

If I stop using the system, can I save, or export, my patients’ data?

Yes, there are exporting capabilities built into the application. You can also contact mehealth support for assistance via the Contact Us page on this site.

Is mehealth for ADHD integrated with EHR?

The mehealth for ADHD system is not currently integrated with EHR, but we’ve had requests for this capability, and it is currently high on our list of future features. Send us an email to with details of what EMR you have.

What guidelines or clinical sources were used to create the system?

The process built into the system is based on the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and American Academy of Pediatricians’ “Clinical Practice Guideline for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of ADHD”.

Can I get a discount from the list price when I move to a paid subscription?

We offer a discount if you pay for a year in advance with a credit card or other recurring electronic payment. We also offer special terms for non-profit and certain other organizations. Please view the product pricing or contact us for more details.