For Parents

How can my child benefit from mehealth™ for ADHD?

mehealth™ for ADHD is an evidence-based, comprehensive, and easy-to-use online tool that can help your child’s doctor provide better ADHD care. Research has shown that children with ADHD have fewer symptoms if their doctor uses the mehealth for ADHD software.

The most effective treatment strategies for children with ADHD are medication and behavioral treatment, with the best outcomes achieved when both are used together. The mehealth for ADHD software can help physicians to deliver each of these treatments to your child.

Medication monitoring

  • Parents and teachers receive automated emails to complete ADHD rating scales online to assess for changes
  • Physicians are automatically notified of worsening behavioral issues or problematic side effects
  • Easy-to-read graphs showing your child’s treatment progress over time

Behavioral treatments

  • Online system makes it easy for parents and teachers to use behavioral treatments
  • Choose behavioral goals for school or at home and track progress towards those goals
  • Select daily and weekly rewards
  • Text messages make it easy to track behavioral progress

The mehealth software can be used by doctors at no cost to them or their patients.

Note that mehealth for ADHD can only be accessed through your child’s doctor.

Talk to your child’s doctor about using mehealth for ADHD with your child

Please encourage your child’s doctor to use mehealth for ADHD with your child by downloading or e-mailing yourself this brochure to take to your next appointment.

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