What is mehealth™?

Individualized clinical decision support software for mental health disorders.

mehealth is secure online software for clinicians at the point-of-care to support patient-centered, evidence-based decision making and improve the monitoring and treatment of patients. Integrated patient portals and configurable smartphone applications enable patients to record how they are doing between consultations. By collecting, analyzing and delivering relevant data to optimize decision making mehealth brings value to patients, healthcare providers and payers.

mehealth offers you a simple and intuitive way of monitoring patients’ treatment and progress. Each individual’s characteristics and preferences are considered to provide a patient-centric approach at the point of care, taking into account best-practice guidelines.

We are dedicated to helping healthcare providers deliver efficient, high-quality healthcare when significant outcomes are at stake.

Behavioral health problems are notoriously difficult, time-consuming and costly to treat. You want to deliver the best care in a streamlined and efficient way and to monitor the impact of the care delivered. Is care optimized across your whole organization? Are your care protocols being followed? Are your patients improving?

mehealth helps you to provide competitive, quality care and monitor how you are doing.

Let’s work together to improve behavioral health care.

Behavioral healthcare funding is tight and money is not always spent in the most efficient and effective way. mehealth helps you do more with the resources available to deliver better outcomes.

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We understand that the treatment that suits one person may not be the best solution for another. mehealth assists your medical team to design an optimal care pathway for you.

Then mehealth helps to monitor how you are doing, so changes can be picked up early and acted upon in the best way. Our software can help you to understand your illness better and make informed choices that are about you and right for you.

A caring teacher is often the first to identify that a child has a problem – children suffering from ADHD can affect the lives and education of those around them. mehealth for ADHD enables teachers to contribute to the monitoring of a child’s behavior and the effectiveness of their treatment. This provides the doctor with more information so they respond more quickly to changes, and optimize care more quickly.

This in turn ensures the child is able to resume their normal education, and minimizes disruption to classmates.

We are all different…

… and the differences matter. Our age, gender, race, lifestyle, physical characteristics, clinical history and genes may influence how we respond to medication.

Taking into account the profile, progress and preferences of each individual is the foundation for better care.

Simply treating people as individuals.

Our Products

Every day clinicians and patients face important therapeutic choices without having easy access to valuable information contained in treatment guidelines and the evidence-base. Nor do they have a means to match the patient’s unique profile with that knowledge.

Each product in the growing mehealth™ suite addresses these problems, offering individualized clinical decision support.

Our Stats

% of physicians who say mehealth for ADHD improves clinical care
% of time physicians say mehealth for ADHD saves from assessments
% of physicians who would recommend it to a colleague
Our specialist secure medical hosting service achieves availability of
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