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Simply treating people as individuals

We understand that the delivery of consistent, individualized, high-quality and cost-effective care is a challenge. While new therapeutics and molecular diagnostics (and the vast accompanying evidence base) offer promising opportunities to improve care, they multiply the complexity and variability of clinical decisions and may escalate costs.

Every day physicians and patients face important therapeutic choices without having easy access to valuable information contained in treatment guidelines and the evidence-base, and lacking a means to match the patient’s unique profile with that knowledge.

We created our solution by bringing together experts from many different walks of life – clinicians, informaticians, programmers, patients and advocacy groups, data analysts, health service providers, healthcare payers, academic researchers and pharmacists.

  • We really understand the problem… then we build the right solution.
  • Simply treating people as individuals.
  • Created by doctors and patients for doctors and patients.

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More than ever before, today’s ubiquitous technology enables physicians to simply treat people as individuals.